What is Anarchy Monkey?
Anarchy Monkey is the product of that sinful fornication between capitalism and counterculture commodified in the form of a stuffed monkey with a blue mohawk. He's cute. He's cuddly. He speaks for no one. He's a tool of the very same man he sticks it too. Anarchy Monkey is your pint-sized mascot ready to pedal punk pleasures to the pop population of rebellious Generation X, Y and Z. All in thirty seconds of orgasmic bedazzmobility.

No really, what is it?
Simply put, Anarchy Monkey is the name of a 30 second video I did in 1998 starring a stuffed monkey with a blue mohawk. And yet, it's so much more...

What kind of Monkey is he?
He is a baby Gibbon.

Where did he get that Mohawk?
My freshman year of college, the "ugly" monkey as he was known in those days, was kidnapped by Allison Fomich and taken to her home state of Louisiana. There he found his adventurous streak. I was completely unaware of the abduction until I received photos in the mail from the Monkey's travels. That winter he traveled all along the east coast from Louisiana to Connecticut. He was never quite the same.

What does he eat?
He's a stuffed animal. He doesn't eat. He sits there all day long on a shelf, or a table, or under a pile of dirty laundry, and never once does he complain, throw his feces, or even blink.

Who are The Dirt Snakes?
Currently, The Dirt Snakes are an almost fictional band. The band is comprised of myself playing drums and my good friend, Gregory Gannon, who plays the guitar. In this particular instance, our musical roles were reversed to get that exceptionally crappy sound. The sound track for Anarchy Monkey is the only thing we have ever officially recorded, and if you asked us to play it again today we probably couldn't. Check out our photos in on the Photos page (they're under misc).

This is dumb.
That's not a question.

Why don't you make a movie with a plot?
Why don't you make me?

Are you working on Anarchy Monkey 2?
Anarchy Monkey 2 is still in preliminary stages of development and due to its ambitious nature may not be released for several years. I can tell you that it will be a full fledged, feature-length film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by either Tony Scott, Tim Burton, of Francis Ford Copola. We're still trying to figure out who should play Anarchy Monkey in the film adaption (Jonny Depp, Jim Carrey, Henry Rollins, Elmo Oxygen, Flea...).

How do I collect all four? Where are the other three?
There is only one Anarchy Monkey.

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