What software did you use to make this? What platform did you use? How fast is your processor? How much RAM you got?
You know, I thought the visual wizardry would be so under whelming in this video that no one would ask that. But they still do. Nerds! God love em.

No really, how did you make this?
The Penis Man was animated in MetaCreations Poser. The 3-D model is the stock "Business Man" model that comes with the program. It was composited and edited in Apple's Final Cut Pro. The vocals are sung by the "Good News" voice from Apple's SimpleText program. The audio was mixed with the free version of Avid's ProTools. The karaoke text was made in Macromedia's Flash. It was all made on a Macintosh computer except for the bouncing ball animation and the red curtain. My friend Jim did those on a PC using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop, respectively.

How did you make the psychedelic background effects?
The psychedelic effects were generated by a free program called MaCthugha, the macintosh version of Cthugha. The name "Cthugha" apparently comes from H.P. Lovecraft who gave the name to a horrific "elder god" which manifested itself to humans in the form of shifting colored lights. Its been rewritten for just about every operating system and you can find a bunch of similar software for everything from the Atari Jaguar to plug-ins for your favorite MP3 player. I chose Cthugha because it's the oldest and most lo-fi version out there. Heres the official Cthugha website.

How long did this take you?
A lot longer than I thought it would - about 3 months.

Are there any plans for a Vagina Graduation Song?
Uh... no. But I hear good things about The Vagina Monologues. Maybe you should go see that.

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