Does this have anything to do with September 11th?
This video was made July 4th, 2001. If you do the math, that's two months prior to the events of September 11th. So, no. Unless you believe that I can see the future.

What's on fire that lights the fuse?
That's a small lighter taped to the turntable's arm.

What's in the record player?
About 1600 firecrackers and a few bottle rockets.

Where can I get one of those stylin' record players?
From eBay, where else? I got a couple for about $40 each. Califone still makes them so you can actually buy them new. Also, if you happen to be around when a school clears the outdated equipment out of their A/V department, you are bound to find some.

Where was this filmed?
On a farm near scenic Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Why didn't you film this at a more historic location?
I originally wanted to film this at Ft. McHenry, the birth place of the Star-Spangled Banner, since I live so close to it. I never asked anyone whether I could film there, but I doubt anyone would have approved of my idea. I considered sneaking the equipment in, stealing the shot, and then quickly dumping the evidence into the harbor next to the fort, but then I figured that there would probably be some kind of felony charges involved if I got caught. Didn't seem like it was worth the risk for something I wasn't even sure was going to work.

Should I try this at home?
No. You should not. Fireworks and explosives must be used by adults carefully and safely. And don't try to sue me because you're an idiot.

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