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Atomic Books
"Literary finds for mutated minds" says it all. There's no other store like it.

Bitter Films
Don should have won the academy award for "Rejected" in my opinion.

Blumpy Films
Jakob Lodwick's dad really liked The Penis Graduation Song. He called me up to tell me one day after a screening.

Boring Records
Straight from Boring, Maryland, USA.

Come and Get it Films
Todd Rohal keeps saying he'll send me a copy of "Hillbilly Robot" but I have yet to receive anything...

Flip Flop Flyin'
Browse pixelated Damien Hirst work in the Mini MoMA.

Hi Mom Film Festival
For some reason they have never accepted any of my videos... but I still love 'em.

Johns Hopkins Film Festival
A fest for an by film and video lovers.

A one of a kind Film Fest and my personal favorite.

Monitor Records
Baltimore rock like only Baltimore can rock

Mumble Boy
Flash visionary

Other Cinema
Craig Balwin's San Francisco subculture.

Peripheral Produce
Like a indie record label for film and video.
Apparently Anarchy Monkey is web art too.

Where I go for links to all the slickest websites out there.